What’s need?

1.PC or cell (smartphone) or tablet terminal which can access the Internet.
2.Web camera, microphone which included PC or cell open.
3.Internet connection like wifi.

Lesson Flow

1. Find a teacher you want to take a lesson from Teachers’ List or Special Lessons List. (Choose a teacher within your points.)
2. Check the Teacher’s schedule. open mark shows that the booking slot is open. *The time is shown in New york time zone.
3. Click on the mark in the calendar to book the lesson.
4. The teacher will call you via Skype at the scheduled time.


How to choose membership

Monthly course:

Can have one to four lessons every day.(Will automatic withdrawal monthly)

Points Course:

Has no limit in lesson number every day. You can take the lessons you want within the expiration date.

Monthly Pack:

Can only take one lesson every day within the expiration date.