Checking out& Payment
  • Can you provide a certificate of study?

Yes please contact us.

  • Can you provide receipt?

Yes,we provide digital receipt. please contact us.

  • Where to confirm the validity of my membership and other information?

Please follow the steps below to confirm your information.

1:Log in

2:Click Mypage

In this page you can also confirm personal information. membership information and course reservation status

  • Can I pay by PayPal?

Yes.We support PayPal.

  • Can I change or cancel my membership?

You are not allowed to change or cancel the course in the middle of the term. A One Month Course student can cancel or change the course at the end of the term. A pay-by-ticket plan student can renew the course by purchasing additional tickets, but the student cannot cancel or change the course before the term ends.

  • Which membership should I choose if I want to have more than one lesson a day?

You can choose Point membership or monthly membership.

For further information please view CourseorContact us.

  • Will I be notified of the charge if I purchased the monthly membership?

No if I purchased monthly membership,we will deducted the fee from your account every month.Please contact us if you want to change or cancel your plan.

  • What should I do if I meet problems during the lesson?

if you met problems during the lesson such as Teacher absence or network error,please contact us as soon as possible.

  • Does registration free?

Yes you can register for free.

  • Can I use the same Email to register two accounts?

No,you can only register one account with one Email.

  • Can I still book lesson after I cancel my monthly membership?

Yes you can still book lesson after you cancel your monthly membership within its valid days.

  • Can I combine a Monthly Course and a point Course?

No, you can’t. Our school system allows a student to select a Monthly Course, point Course, or a Monthly pack course in one account.

  • How can I change my credit card?

Please log in PayPal. Click My Profile located on the top right. Click the Add/Edit credit card button. Please add or change your credit card number. It is possible to change the credit card’s expiration date.


  • Can I share my account with others?

No,we might ban your account if you do so.

  • Can I change my Skype ?

Yes,You can change it in profile page.

  • Can I change my E-mail?

No. you can not change your E-mail after registered.

  • What is the lesson form?

All our lessons are one to one online lesson .

  • Do you have free trial?

Yes,you will get one free trial after register

  • What should I prepare before lesson?

You need to keep the net and the headset ready before lesson.

  • How long will one lesson last?

One lesson will last for 25 mins.

  • How should I get ready for the lesson?

Please log in your skype before the lesson start. Your teacher will add your account and send you the materials.

  • What‘s the time zone in the booking lesson page?

Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5).

  • What happens if I can’t take the lesson due to the Internet interruption?

The teacher will call the student to determine the line situation from follwoings. Then the managers will check the situation.

Cases of service interruption (Ejapanese’s side):

  1. The teacher cancels the class due to a sudden illness or emergency
  2. Unstable Internet connection due to the bad weather
  3. A large-scale electric outrage
  4. An unstable electricity supply
  5. The malfunctioning of our school server

Cases of service interruption (student’s side):

  1. Unstable Internet connection  due to the bad weather
  2. The bad condition of the student’s PC
  3. The opening of many Web sites
  4. Due to server function of firewall by your provider causuing spam of skype signal

If the reason of the lesson interruption was from our side, we will send you a free ticket, by clarification the situation with our staff.

*In case of disasters (such as heavy rain, flood, earthquakes, fire, tsunami, riot, or war ) and service interruption caused by Skype, kindly note that we will not be responsible for any of these.

Learning materials
  • Are Learning materials free?

Yes We have learning materials for all levels.

  • Do you have other lesson materials that I can use other than books?

We have many available  Materials that you can choose from your level and the skills. Our tutor can also provide a listening, reading comprehension, vocabulary, video description, or picture description class, depending on the needs or requests of the student. You can also choose the material you want to use in your class. For JLPT, or Business class, kindly inform the teacher in advance.

  • How to leave a comment?

You can leave a comment after the lesson.

  • Can I be late for the lesson?

You can be late for at most 15mins.

  • Can I change my teacher?

Yes you can choose teacher when boolking lesson!