Checking out& Payment
  • Can you provide a certificate of study?

Yes please contact us.

  • Can you provide receipt?

Yes,we provide digital receipt. please contact us.

  • Where to confirm the validity of my membership and other information?

Please follow the steps below to confirm your information.

1:Log in

2:Click Mypage

In this page you can also confirm personal information. membership information and course reservation status

  • Can I pay by PayPal?

Yes.We support PayPal.

  • Can I change or cancel my membership?

No,membership can not be changed or canceled once purchased.

  • Which membership should I choose if I want to have more than one lesson a day?

You can choose Point membership or monthly membership.

For further information please view CourseorContact us.

  • Will I be notified of the charge if I purchased the monthly membership?

No if I purchased monthly membership,we will deducted the fee from your account every month.Please contact us if you want to change or cancel your plan.

  • What should I do if I meet problems during the lesson?

if you met problems during the lesson such as Teacher absence or network error,please contact us as soon as possible.

  • Does registration free?

Yes you can register for free.

  • Can I use the same Email to register two accounts?

No,you can only register one account with one Email.

  • Can I still book lesson after I cancel my monthly membership?

Yes you can still book lesson after you cancel your monthly membership within its valid days.

  • Can I share my account with others?

No,we might ban your account if you do so.

  • Can I change my Skype ?

Yes,You can change it in profile page.

  • Can I change my E-mail?

No. you can not change your E-mail after registered.

      • What is the lesson form?

All our lessons are one to one online lesson .

      • Do you have free trial?

Yes,you will get one free trial after register

      • What should I prepare before lesson?

You need to keep the net and the headset ready before lesson.

      • How long will one lesson last?

One lesson will last for 25 mins.

      • How should I get ready for the lesson?

Please log in your skype before the lesson start. Your teacher will add your account and send you the materials.

      • What‘s the time zone in the booking lesson page?

Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5).

Learning materials
      • Are Learning materials free?

Yes We have learning materials for all levels.

      • How to leave a comment?

You can leave a comment after the lesson.

      • Can I be late for the lesson?

You can be late for at most 15mins.

      • Can I change my teacher?

Yes you can choose teacher when boolking lesson!